Dollar Tree Prayer Boxes

On a recent expedition to retrieve homeschool supplies from the Dollar ($1.25) Tree, I stumbled upon these adorable tin prayer boxes. Upon opening the tin, I discovered a Bible verse on the inside lid, a tiny pad of paper that matches the box and a tiny mechanical pencil. They are seriously so cute! I picked … Continue reading Dollar Tree Prayer Boxes

Dollar Tree Treasure Hunt – Socks & Schultütes

I was inspired by fellow blogger, Betty, at Chambers on the Road (who recently posted Man Socks and Dollar Tree in the RV) to look for camping socks at the Dollar Tree. I’m happy to report that I finally found some! Camping & fox socks from the Dollar Tree After scoring these awesome socks, my … Continue reading Dollar Tree Treasure Hunt – Socks & Schultütes

Summer Reading Program at the Library

Happy summer break everyone! If you don't get a "break", happy summer just the same! Some of you may already know that I'm kinda obsessed with children's literature. Books are a huge part of our homeschool. Right now, I have 2 Costco bins of books in bay 2A, an amazon box of books on the … Continue reading Summer Reading Program at the Library