Dollar Tree Prayer Boxes

On a recent expedition to retrieve homeschool supplies from the Dollar ($1.25) Tree, I stumbled upon these adorable tin prayer boxes. Upon opening the tin, I discovered a Bible verse on the inside lid, a tiny pad of paper that matches the box and a tiny mechanical pencil. They are seriously so cute! I picked up several with the intention of giving them as gifts. I can think of a few blogging friends that might like like them. In lieu of trying to track down your personal home addresses for mailing, I decided to post a blog about my find in hopes that if you like it, you’ll go to your nearest Dollar Tree, pick up your favorite, and pretend it’s from me!

Happy Sabbath friends!

10 thoughts on “Dollar Tree Prayer Boxes

    1. We have a stack of things to mail to you. K finally wrote Ari a letter back, and a postcard from Tetons, and some photographs, and I was going to send you one of the prayer boxes too! We’ve had some of these things sitting around for more than a month… Sorry for the delay in getting it mailed!


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