Glacier National Park, Montana – Day 1

We had made reservations at St. Mary KOA back in December and it was finally time for our visit to Glacier National Park.

St. Mary KOA was conveniently located about 5 minutes from the East entrance to Glacier National Park and a visitor center.

We drove approximately 30 miles on Going-to-the-Sun Road from St. Mary’s to Avalanche Creek. I didn’t like the road, it was steep and narrow and seemed continually death-defying. There were jagged overhanging rocks on one side and a cliff nearly million miles high on the other side. 🫣 Kudos to my better half for getting us there and back again in 5 whole pieces plus the truck in one piece too.

We made several stops along the way and headed back to the KOA when we were well-neigh tuckered out.

Wild Goose Island: We hiked 0.4 of a mile to the lakeshore and back on an unmarked steep rocky path that was not on the map. From the overlook, we followed the path down the rocks, through the forest, and to the rocks at the edge of St. Mary lake. It was quite beautiful, and reminiscent of the rocky ocean shoreline of Northern California, Oregon, and Washington.

Wild Goose Island is the tiny dot in the middle

Jackson Glacier (overlook)

Jackson glacier is the snowy-looking section in the center of this photo
the glaciers are receding

Big Bend (overlook)

Unmarked turnout near McDonald creek: we walked an unknown distance exploring the creek.

Glacier Stonefly photo by my husband
mom rolled up my pants to keep them dry
it didn’t work
forded the creek and got soaking wet
swimming caterpillar video

Heaven’s Peak (overlook)

Red rocks: we walked an unknown distance scrambling on the rocks, looking at the amazing clear water and rapids.

Avalanche Creek, Trail of the Cedars: we hiked a 1 mile loop on a boardwalk path through a gorgeous hemlock, cottonwood and cedar forest.

Cedar vs Cottonwood vs Hemlock
squirrel eating nut – the quintessential autumn season scene

St. Mary Lake (overlook)

St. Mary Lake

My favorite parts of day #1 were playing in the creek and the Trail of Cedars.

To be continued in Glacier National Park, Montana – Day 2

16 thoughts on “Glacier National Park, Montana – Day 1

  1. Your pictures are absolutely beautiful. What wonderful memories you are making. We considered adding Glacier onto our Yellowstone trip but felt we had to stop somewhere. I do hope to make it there one day though.

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Such gorgeous photos! It was very overcast during our visit to Glacier. I’m also not a fan of the Going to the Sun road. I generally don’t swear but I have to admit to muttering a few swear words as my life flashed before my eyes during that drive.😬 If we go back, we plan to stay on the east side of the park so we can spend more time exploring that area. It’s good to know that there is a KOA in the area.

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    1. We were thinking of staying on the West side next time! 😂
      And I don’t blame you a bit for swearing on that drive, that road certainly warrants it!! If the kiddos weren’t in the backseat listening, some words might’ve made their way out of my mouth!


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