Glacier National Park, Montana – Day 2

My husband set his alarm and got us all up dark and early so we could have a chance at getting a parking space at Logan Pass. Many of the popular spots were totally full by 10 am the day before and the Logan Pass parking lot was blocked and monitored by Park Rangers. Heavens to Betty! Too many adventuring tourists and not enough parking!

beat the sun in our eyes today
photo by my daughter

We were delighted to find that we could choose from about 7 parking spaces that were still available at 8:30 am. Heavens to Betty, I say again!

allegedly there are big horn sheep, moose, and bear at this place but I think we’ve a better chance of spotting a Sasquatch! Ha!
view of Mt. Cleveland from just outside the visitor center
Alpine Pasqueflower

We hiked about 3 miles there and back on a mostly wooden boardwalk to the Hidden Lake overlook. It was moderately steep with high-ish stairs that took a bit of effort to climb.

looking ahead
looking back
standing still
working around
glacier dripping
Columbian ground squirrel looking just like a prairie dog, he sure fooled me
he entertained us for awhile digging for something to eat
the view of Hidden Lake from the overlook
a view hiking back down the boardwalk

On the return hike down, some fellow tourists spotted 6 mountain goats very far away. They were very kind to let our kiddos use their binoculars to see them. They looked like tiny white dots, but technically, we did see them!

fuzzy black caterpillar

After we finished our hike, we snagged photos by the continental divide sign.

photo by my youngest son

Next, we decided to drive to the West side of the park and check out Lake McDonald. We found a posh lodge, a fancy restaurant, and Red Jammers. The next time we visit Glacier National Park I’m going to book a tour on one of these vintage red buses.

“red jammer” in front of McDonald Lodge
really cool cars
totem pole in front of McDonald Lodge

Fun fact: my parents took my sister and I to the World Expo in Vancouver, Canada in 1988 (I was 8-years-old). I remember the park at the USA-Canada border and the native Canadian totem poles. Since I first saw them I’ve always loved native Canadian totem poles like this one in front of McDonald lodge.

Lake McDonald

We ended our visit to Glacier National Park with a huckleberry milkshake from West Glacier Cafe. It was a great treat for our drive back to St. Mary KOA. I’m going to need to figure out how to make these!

We enjoyed a relaxing evening and woke up early the next morning to drive home. Which reminds me, one of the highlights of this road trip was an audiobook we borrowed from the library, “The Phantom Tollbooth” by Norton Juster narrated by David Hyde Pierce (who played Niles Crane on the 90’s sitcom “Fraiser”). The narration was absolutely phenomenal, there was an amazing short interview with the author at the end, and I cannot say enough good things about this audiobook!

Thank you for following us or just stopping by for a visit! It’s my pleasure to share our adventures with you!

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15 thoughts on “Glacier National Park, Montana – Day 2

  1. What a great post! Now I want to go to Glacier even more! What – no video of the caterpillar swimming? (I forgot to say that was a great video in your previous post!) The pictures are great. I am not sure what makes a totem pole Canadian. My dad had an interest in Alaska (never made it there though), and he carved a totem pole and put it in his backyard garden. I have pictures of it. Okay, I am going to Google the route to Glacier, probably 2024 though. At least! But it’s on the list.

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  2. Gorgeous photos!! We experienced the same parking lot issues at Rocky Mountain National Park in Colorado a couple of years ago. All the parking lots were packed. My husband had to drop me off at the visitors center so I could get a picture, then he circled the parking lot and picked me back up… Thanks for the audio book info. I’ll see if I can find that book.

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