West Yellowstone, Montana – Yellowstone National Park

On our recent trip to Yellowstone National Park, we stayed at Rainbow Point Campground, which is just outside West Yellowstone, Montana. I got a little confused because I booked the reservation on recreation .gov and I thought that the campsite was inside of Yellowstone National Park, and that “West Yellowstone” was the west side of the park. Of course, now I know that West Yellowstone is a town in Montana. The campsite we stayed in was part of the national forest which is why it was on the recreation.gov website.

Anyways, on our second day exploring Yellowstone National Park, we wanted a morning snack before we headed to entrance gate, just in case we had to wait in lines of cars again like the previous morning. We stopped at Mountain Mama’s Coffee House and Bakery and got some coffee and a delicious pastry. If you ever visit West Yellowstone, Montana we recommend stopping here for a treat!

lavender chocolate turnover

On our way to the coffee house and bakery we were delighted with a herd of bison on both sides of the highway. The babies were especially adorable!

Of course, no trip to any National Park is complete without a family photo by the iconic entrance sign. We were lucky on Sunday mid-morning, to have no lines of cars to wait in, and other tourists to trade taking photos with.

Stay tuned for our second day adventuring in Yellowstone National Park…

3 thoughts on “West Yellowstone, Montana – Yellowstone National Park

  1. I think the whole Yellowstone can be very confusing! But it did look like you had a beautiful camping spot, and you discovered Mountain Mama’s! I am sure you will be a Yellowstone expert in no time! I look forward to your next post!

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