Fountain Paint Pots – Yellowstone National Park


Yellowstone Day #1: After visiting the West Yellowstone visitor’s center and purchasing Junior Ranger workbooks for $3 each, we opted to head to Old Faithful first. We got distracted and stopped to look at bison across the river…

bison across the river
we were really pretty far away from the bison
we saw this baby bison from the truck

We got distracted and stopped again at the Fountain Paint Pot…

Celestine Pool
Bacteria Mat
a gorgeous pool – I forgot the name…
Raven at the park were mimicking the noise keyless entry makes to try and unlock cars – these genius birds are too smart
Red Spouter
video is better than a photo
married 14 and 1/2 years – visited 16 National Parks so far…

4 thoughts on “Fountain Paint Pots – Yellowstone National Park

  1. This post warms my heart! I’m so excited to see Yellowstone. The video was much better than the photo! And Great pictures, too! May your years together and the number of National Parks visited continue to increase and bring you joy!

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  2. Yellowstone Park has so many various awesome sights to see. I am glad your family experienced some of them. You never know what wild animals you will see in the Park, but it is always fun to keep your eyes searching for them. Great photos. Loved the video too.

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