DIY Family Photo Shoot

I finally got my belated Mother’s Day DIY photo shoot! I’m super happy with how the photos turned out so I just had to share them.

Here’s a great link with tips for taking your own Family Photos from Simple as That.

My additional tips:

  • overcast days make the best lighting for outdoor photos
  • wear clothes in a chosen color scheme (we did black & yellow with gingham and blue jeans)
  • Old Navy has cute inexpensive family matching clothes (I got my skirt and a matching skirt for my daughter from old
  • raid your closets for things you already have that fit a chosen color scheme (we already owned everything but the skirts and my necklace)
  • add a fun/funky statement piece from a thrift store (see my big yellow necklace)
  • have fun and showcase personality
  • I read somewhere that a professional photographer assumes that about one out of every eight photos will turn out well enough to use, since I’m not a professional photographer, I figure I better take more than eight photos to get one good shot
  • my friend J.G. had this genius idea, schedule your photo shoot for right after you have your hair cut/styled professionally (did I say genius!)
  • I have no shame in admitting that I bribed my kiddos to do the photo shoot with lollipops

Happy summer from our family to yours! ☀️

💛 love heavenstobetty

6 thoughts on “DIY Family Photo Shoot

    1. It reminds me of a scene from “The Sound of Music” when Captain Von Trapp is returning with Baroness Schrader and all the Von Trapp children are hanging out of trees along the side of the road in their drapery play clothes. 😊

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