South Yuba River State Park, California

One of our family/homeschool values is getting out into nature and exploring new places. We took a day trip to South Yuba River State Park this past Sabbath. It was great weather and we were delighted by the crystal clear river. There was a lot of scrambling on river rocks/boulders. We hiked along The Buttermilk Bend Trail, which was moderate with several interesting staircases made with natural materials. Sections of the trail were next to a pretty steep drop off so our youngest kiddo got a little bit of handholding. We ended up hiking about 2 miles by missing a turn and veering off the main trail onto small side trails a few times. I think we’ll be back here this summer when it’s hot enough for a swim. I hope y’all enjoy the photos!

crystal clear swimming hole

We stumbled upon South Yuba River State Park on an outing that was supposed to be to see the Bridgeport Covered Bridge. Unfortunately I hadn’t done quite enough pre-outing research and the bridge is completely gone and under reconstruction. I was all set to do a post about the covered bridge and it turned into this post instead because our original destination was unattainable. As alternative outing, I think it turned out pretty awesome! It was a really nice hike and such a beautiful area that we plan to go back again intentionally! I hope this post inspires you to find an alternative when “the thing” you set out to do is just not gonna happen. You never know what you might find…

21 thoughts on “South Yuba River State Park, California

      1. We opted out last year. I wanted to do it again this year, but just wanted my kid to try it for having a new experience sake. Am I so evil?!
        iReady sounds like a better alternative.
        Hope your homeschooling is going well as we only have 2 months left of this school year.

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      2. Oh my goodness, I feel so much better knowing someone else that opted out! I was feeling like such a troublemaker. I debated having them take it just for the experience but I decided that it was going to be too stressful for me! 🤪
        You’re a great mom!


      3. Ahhhh, you won’t believe this?! Elliot was signed up and even went through the training sessions with the ES. Then, I started having second thoughts last Thursday; testing for four days would skew our regular schedule and not do much to motivate or empower my son. We still have another 7 or 8 weeks of school left. We’ll be doing the iReady too.
        I wrote frantic emails that night; thankfully, our ES was gracious and understood.
        You are right…too much stress for moms and gearing up kids for the test. Thank you for your encouragement!! You’re a great mom too. We need to take care of ourselves too.

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      4. I’m sorry it didn’t go as well! We dread them too.
        iReady asks vague questions and the reading sections are long. It’s not an ideal way to assess learning. I don’t know if you feel this way, but the iReady tests make me defensive. I know, weird. I feel it’s an evaluation of myself as a teacher. Homeschooling is rewarding but so challenging too for everyone involved.
        Hope you enjoy this week with life and learning with your kids!

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