Grown-up Book of the Month – August 2020

So, I skipped a couple months of my 2020 Goal to read one grown-up book per month. I’m getting back in the saddle this month. I’m in the mood for a nice, light, entertaining book to finish off the summer before school starts. I feel like we’ve been really busy lately… I unpacked a bunch of boxes, and organized the kid’s books. I still have bathroom boxes and homeschool boxes to unpack and organize.

Our Children’s Library

We also had some unexpected house projects pop up as is usually the case with older houses. My wonderful husband has the sink in the kids’ bathroom halfway taken apart.

We are in the process of having solar panels installed and the recently installed flooring needs to be professionally repaired.

The “new-to-us” Minnie Winnie is still in the shop, and the RV we sold a couple of months ago still hasn’t been properly transferred in the new owner’s name. Heavens to Betty!! There’s a lot going on around this place!

I’m going to read, The Road to Paradise by Karen Barnett this month. Lucky for me, I found the box with my grown-up books in it, I knew it was in one of the ones that I had labeled “books”. 😂

📚 How about you friends? How are things in your neck of the woods? What are you reading lately?

11 thoughts on “Grown-up Book of the Month – August 2020

      1. Oh, no problem! I am hoping to post again on the dollhouse in a week or two. I want to get to a certain point before posting. I thought it might take a year; that was optimistic! But I am really enjoying it. Have a great week ahead!

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      2. My daughter (8) has been crafting a little house out of cardboard, pipe cleaner and felt. I’ll have to post it so you can see her kid’s version of dollhouse crafting. She’s having a blast 😊


      3. I can’t wait to see it! There is a Facebook group called dollhouse miniatures made from trash to treasure and found items. I am always amazed by their creativity.

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  1. We’re all tucked away nicely in Western Australia one allowed in and no one allowed out, no Covid here. I’m still plowing through Robin Hobbs Farseer Trilogies ..I can’t see to get away from them

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    1. My apologies for the delayed response Alison. I’m Glad to hear you’re safely away from all the COVID craziness. I’ll check out the Farseer Trilogies! Thank you for the suggestion 😊


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