Sierra Discovery Trail – Nevada City, California

“Mommy this is not a hike, this is an adventure!”

B (age 6)

Located in Nevada City, California, this easy 2-mile loop trail is perfect for families. There are informational sign posts all along the way for educational credit as well. Natural Science lesson ✅

If you’d like to see photos and read about the Sierra Discovery Trail in winter, click on this post I wrote 7 months ago.

Sierra Discovery Trail – Winter

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3 thoughts on “Sierra Discovery Trail – Nevada City, California

    1. Thank you for reading about the adventure!
      I loved the story of the baby goat in your last post. We just finished reading Heidi so I’m feeling partial to baby goats right now! And thank you for the photography compliment. You take truly gorgeous photos!! 😊 I hope you have a great rest of the week!

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