Gathering Great Goals for 2020

My friends, LR from Returning to Paradise and JF from Of Progress and Purpose have inspired me to think about, write down, and share my new goals for 2020.

So far, I had come up with one New Year’s resolution: to read one grown-up book per month.  Then I saw LR’s Goals for 2020 and I remembered JF’s post, 5 Steps to Embracing What Matters Most to You which had some great ideas for goal setting.  As a step towards my first resolution, I had picked up a book that I began awhile ago, The Life-Giving Home by Sally & Sarah Clarkson and read several paragraphs about the importance of planning and setting goals for the new year.  Then my friend LT texted me about how she’s been trying to start 2020 off with more planning in her homeschool.

Then there is my husband who has quarterly “Dynamic Development” meetings at work. At his previous job, the meetings were called “Catalytic Coaching”. Whatever the company calls the meetings, they are for setting goals and reviewing previously set goals. Since I work as a homeschool mama I sometimes forget to sit down and have a parent-teacher conference with myself to review and set goals. And so, in the spirit of “catalytic coaching” and “dynamic development”, I’ve titled my post “Gathering Great Goals for 2020”.

Seriously, there were so many signs seeming to point me in the direction of setting some goals and making a plan for the new year!  So this morning, I loaded up the kiddos in the minivan and went to Marshall’s where I bought myself a llama planner for $7.99 (pictured above) and I thought about my goals and wrote them down to share with you.

2019 Goal – Read the Bible every day (sequential).
2020 Goal – Read the Bible every day (finish sequential) and start a new plan with The Bible Project on the YouVersion Bible App.


  • Do short interval exercise every weekday (Monday – Friday).
  • Get my blood pressure under control.


  • Start each day with a hug and an “I love you” for each family member.
  • End each day with a hug and an “I love you” for each family member.
  • Check-in with my husband every evening to try and stay on the same page.
  • Get rid of things that don’t spark joy.


  • Limit family commitments and activities to one small activity per day (run errands, visit the library, go to the park, etc.), and one medium activity (host dinner, playdate, Laxson show, field trip, etc.) per week.
  • Find creative and practical ways to love “my neighbor” (as defined by Jesus).
  • Host a meal for family or friends at least twice per month.


  • Read one grown-up book each month.
  • Seek out and experience new places, people, food, art, and ideas.

2019 Goals to continue

  • Memorize one Bible verse per week.
  • Learn to sing the words to one song per week.

2020 Goals

  • Read a devotional with the kiddos every day.
  • Increase individual reading time for all kiddos.
  • Increase self-directed tidying for all kiddos.

Goals for S (age 9)

  • Increase gross motor coordination with jump rope practice.
  • Memorize times tables.

Goal for K (age 7)

  • Decrease whining to get attention.

Goals for B

  • Increase coping skills to handle anger appropriately.
  • Continue to help him get into pools/water as often as possible.

After thinking about, writing down and sharing my goals for the new year I took an idea from my friends LS and DS from Dave and Laura’s Dream and got us some New Years’ fortune cookies.  We ordered Chinese take out for dinner and got 5 fortune cookies to go!  Here are our New Years fortunes:

βœ… What is your top New Year’s resolution or what great goals have you gathered so far?


5 thoughts on “Gathering Great Goals for 2020

  1. These are spot on, friend. I love your goals about starting and ending each day with a hug ❀️. And my 3yo is having the same struggle with whining, haha. My husband and I have taking to saying “that’s nice”, until she legibly uses her words to ask for something she needs. I think it’s helping 🀞. Thank you for sharing! And for the shout-out πŸ’•.

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