Friendly Friday Photo Challenge – Close Examination

This week’s challenge comes from Amanda at Something to Ponder About. She encourages us to look at the fine details in our photographs. The following close-up photos were inspired by things my children pointed out to me. Children seem to have a knack for seeing things differently.

“Mommy look at the pretty purple flower”
“Mommy look at the lady bug”
“Mommy look at the rainbow leaf”

We hope this post inspires you to take a closer look at the ordinary and common things around you. What will you find today that you didn’t notice before?

2 thoughts on “Friendly Friday Photo Challenge – Close Examination

  1. Children are so adorable and have a really fresh way of looking at the world! Their interpretations are delightful. And the thistle is really pretty. Even the thorns. Just look at its structure!

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