5 thoughts on “Wordless Wednesday

    1. Thank you K!
      It’s actually been a pretty rough month. We are all still dealing with PTSD issues. Some of us thought that buying a new house would make us feel all better. It’s disappointing when you’re sure that you found a way to fix something and then it turns out that it didn’t really fix anything at all. We’re hanging in there and keeping our faith in God’s plan though we cannot see it.
      How are you doing?

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      1. My prayers are with you all. I can imagine what a rough time that is~I do understand how disappointing things can be. And I’m so happy for the faith we can have to help us navigate rough waters. And I’m here if you ever need. Hope is such a gift from God. Here on my front life is busy and I’ve made some huge decisions. It involves my living situation and I have a few months to prepare. We can be prayer warriors for one another! I’m anxiously awaiting to meet my new granddaughter in Washington. I fly out, God-willing, Aug. 13th. The pandemic halted me seeing her at birth. It’s all in God’s hands. Take care my friend.

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