Shamrock ☘️ RV Park & Downtown Library & The Discovery – Reno, Nevada

We arrived here on Sunday feeling tired from our vacation at Leoni Meadows Family Camp. Do you ever feel like you need a vacation to recuperate from your vacation? We were so busy having fun last week!

We went out for dinner and our credit card was declined because of a fraud alert. Looks like someone stole our credit card information, again! This is the 2nd time since last November. I think it might be the laundromats that use credit card machines instead of quarters. We’re going to get a prepaid Visa just to use at laundromats. So frustrating! Luckily, our most frequently used card has great fraud protection.

In our, albeit rather limited, experience RVing we have discovered that there is one noticeable difference between RV “parks” and RV “resorts”. It seems that many people live permanently at RV parks and while there may be a handful of full-time residents at RV resorts, most folks are just passing through. Being the type of RVers that are just passing through, we usually find that RV resorts are a better fit for our family.

On Monday, the towel rack in the middle bathroom fell completely off the wall. The weakness was, that it had been attached to the wallpaper. The adhesive was still intact, and holding tightly to both the towel rack and to the chunks of wallpaper that had ripped off the wall. Oh dear! Luckily, E is a pretty handy guy. He fixed it with a piece of oak that the nice folks at Home Depot cut for us, and some screws.

This particular RV park was very nice, clean, well-maintained and had quick access to local mountain biking trails for E. It also had a very nice laundry facility and a heated pool. The spaces were tight and it was packed full.

We were excited that my parents were able to come see us for a couple of days. On Thursday, they took us to the National Automobile Museum, which S saw advertised in a travel magazine.

On Friday, we visited the downtown Reno library. Oh my! What an amazing library! It was, as S said, “like a rainforest”. Their rotating art display was from the Truckee quilt guild. What a gorgeous library. Check out these photos. This was my favorite part of Reno!

We listened to an excellent presentation on the history and science of space exploration by Dr. Steve Metzger, NASA Ambassador and Planetary Geomorphologist. A planetary geomorphologist is a scientist who studies the earth (rocks, dirt, minerals) and how the earth interacts with the atmosphere (air). He then studies the similarities and differences between those interactions on the planet Earth and other planets. He has a high tech truck with lots of instruments on it that he uses to chase dust devils and drive through them. Cool job!

We also visited, The Discovery, a hands-on science museum. The kids had a great time here for about 4 hours and we didn’t see everything. Here are some of our favorite exhibits.

Cloud Climber

Writing On and Cleaning Glass

Crafting Dollhouse Furniture

I meant to take a photo of the RV park for the “featured image” of this post but we left in a hurry this (Saturday) afternoon instead of tomorrow (Sunday) morning. I’ll tell you all about it tomorrow…

2 thoughts on “Shamrock ☘️ RV Park & Downtown Library & The Discovery – Reno, Nevada

  1. It was great fun exploring and watching the kids enjoy their experience in this museum. We enjoyed a couple of days being together with all of you. Our museum experiences were awesome during our visit to Reno. Love you. Muga

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