National Automobile Museum – Reno, Nevada

My parents came to visit us today! We were excited to see them and took a trip to the National Automobile Museum in Reno, Nevada. I was impressed with the extensive and comprehensive collection of automobiles in this museum. What beautiful cars. It was a wonderful visual history lesson. It was not entirely kid-friendly as you were not allowed to touch most things and had to stay on a pathway of carpet. The kiddos seemed to make the docents nervous which made it less fun for mama. If any kiddos are going to set off the alarm system by walking too close to a historic, immaculately restored, very expensive car, it’ll be my kiddos. Luckily, we didn’t set off any of the alarm systems the entire 2 and 1/2 hours we were in the museum. Whew! The kiddos really enjoyed the museum despite not being able to touch most things. They didn’t seem to notice the nervous docents. They all really liked the Mars rover simulator. Here are some photos from our visit.

Delorean – Back to the Future

First Windshield – What about the passenger?

My mom remembers using fuel pumps like the one below. You first drew up the amount of fuel you needed into the top of the pump and then dispensed the fuel into the car’s fuel tank.

Crank Start Up
First RV-ish Vehicle

This Race Car is So Low to the Ground!

My mom had a toy car just like this one pictured below when she was little.

My dad built a car from a kit, just like this one below when I was little.

Here are some of our favorite kids books about cars:

The first car I drove was my dad’s 1993, Z 28 Chevy Camero. It was silver and it had a t-top. I drove my sister and I to school in it. My dad says it was a real lemon and constantly in the shop. He didn’t have it very long. It was a memorable car though!

E’s first car was a 1988, Dodge 600 SE. It was light blue.

🚗 What was your first car?

3 thoughts on “National Automobile Museum – Reno, Nevada

  1. My first car was called an Anglia or a British Ford
    I still can’t believe I let you drive my Z28
    I loved the museum and being with the Grandkids

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