17 Essential Items for Living in Your RV

Our family of 5 has been living full-time in our 35-foot Winnebago for about 6 months. These are our top 17 essential RV items. Most of the items listed, either smell good, save space or make cooking/cleaning/laundry easier.

This is a list of interior items for homemaking, cleaning and organizing. This list does not include outdoor items like sewer hoses, water filters, bike racks, etc… Maybe E will write a post about those types of outdoor essential items later…

1. Poo-pourri – keeps the shared toilets fresher (thanks for the tip Mom)!

2. Lavender Lotion – my hands get dry from hand-washing the dishes, this stuff from Lavender Ranch is my fave!

3. Meyer’s Muli-Surface cleaner in lavender scent.

4. Method Daily Shower spray – use after every shower to help keep it cleaner & fresher.

5. Happy Camper & collapsible step stool

6. Method foaming hand wash – the foam soap is already in a lather and ready to to scrub. You’ll use less water than with regular hand soap (thanks to J.C. for the tip).

7. Kirkland laundry soap pods – these are so convenient, especially because we alway use laundromats. There’s no need to measure or rinse measuring cups, just grab’em & go!

8. Kirkland disinfecting wipes – make counter cleanup a breeze.

9. Costco clear plastic storage bins, small and large – the small bins hold Legos, coffee pods, school supplies, and office supplies in the indoor cabinets – the large bins hold books, tools, sports equipment and pantry food items in the outdoor bays.

10. Command hooks – we bought our Winnebago pre-owned, and a big “thanks” goes out to whoever owned it first and set up so many Command hooks. This rig was move-in ready! I like the silver colored hooks the best.

11. Electric pencil sharpener – such a lifesaver for roadschooling with 3 kiddos!

12. HP 3755 printer – compact in size and also has scanning and copying functions. I mostly use the printer for roadschooling purposes.

13. Joseph Nesting Bowl Set – this 9 piece nesting set has: a large mixing bowl, colander, sieve, small mixing bowl, 4 measuring cups and a Tablespoon measure.

14. Rosle nesting cooking pots with small handles & lids – anything that nests is great for saving space and these short handles save space too.

15. Duralex dinner plates, salad plates, bowls and 1/2 pint glasses – these heat tempered glass dishes haven’t broken yet and I’d much rather eat off of glass than plastic.

16. Keurig K-Mini Single Serve Coffee Maker & stainless steel mugs – the cleanest, most convenient, and most break-resistant way to make coffee.

17. Three knives with knife sheaths – Wusthof Classic bread knife (great for bread and cheese), Wusthof Classic Santoku knife (great for chopping veggies and apples), and Victorinox serrated steak knife with round tip (great for tomatoes, citrus fruit, strawberries, etc…).

⭐️ If you know about any other items that smell good, save space, or make daily living easier we would love to hear about them in the comments below!

3 thoughts on “17 Essential Items for Living in Your RV

  1. I’m happy with the HP 3755. It stows nicely in the overhead bin. I use it about once every week or two. We don’t print/copy a lot, but having the printer is really convenient when we don’t feel like going to the nearest library or print shop.


  2. Some of these items will continue to be favorites once the RV living experience is not a daily adventure. The lavender lotion is for sure one of those items. That is great stuff!! Their lavender essential oils is amazing too.

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