Discovery Center of Idaho – Boise, Idaho

We had the pleasure of meeting some of E’s family for dinner last week and they gave us a glowing recommendation of the Discovery Center of Idaho in Boise. The kiddos were extremely interested in their current special exhibit, “Bricks”.

We ❤️ Legos. Legos are one of the very best toys for kiddos living in an RV (I’ll post a list of our “Top RV Toys” later). In fact, Legos are one of the very best toys for kids living anywhere. They provide hours of creative entertainment. S likes Lego Technic sets, K likes Lego Friends sets and B likes to play with his siblings’ sets so he can get out of cleaning his up. lol

The Bricks exhibit at the Discovery Center of Idaho had amazing Lego models. These super-cool sculptures were build by adults who build custom Lego sculptures for a living. Huh… that’s a job!?! Yup, one job title is, LEGO Model Designer. You’ll never guess what my kids want to be when they grow up!

There were several experiment stations: music maker, stream table, parachute launcher, ball maze, kaleidoscope, shake table, racers, animation studio, and one using air to power gears that I didn’t get a photo of.

Music Maker

Stream Table

Parachute Launcher

Ball Maze


Shake Table


Animation Station

There was a play zone with giant rubber Legos to build with (where can I get these?) and even more giant lego-looking blocks for photo backdrops.

My fave was the Lego baseplate building wall, which was 4 base plates high by 8 base plates wide. It looked like the base plates were attached to plexiglass with adhesive and the plexiglass was attached to plywood. Add this to my growing list of interior design ideas.

Then there was a Lego free play area with built-in baseplate stations and bins with lots of pieces.

The kids spent time at every single station. We were entertained by the exhibit for almost 5 hours. Keep in mind that we are living in about 250-300 square feet, so our kiddos were really enjoying all the space available to play in. Plus, E and I were really enjoying that we weren’t responsible for clean-up. It seemed like most families spent about an hour or two there. It was a day filled with science, technology, engineering, art and math (STEAM). The kiddos had so much fun!

Hey kiddos, what was the best part?

S: Stop-animation, building the giant Lego staircase, and the air-powered gears.

K: The water part & the giant Legos.

B: The water Legos and building a rocket.

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