Heart-Shaped Ice Splatter on the Windshield

Happy Valentine’s Day friends!

Book Spine Poetry – February

How Do I Love You? Strong and Good, Ever Faithful, No Better Friend, Wildheart.

Life is like…

I ordered this for my husband for Valentine’s Day, completely expecting him to share with me! And yes, we totally opened them early today! To see why I special ordered these chocolates check out my previous post: Mrs. Cavanaugh’s Chocolate Factory Tour – Salt Lake City, Utah ❤️ Happy Valentine’s Day my sweet friends!

Valentine ❤️ Gift Ideas

I recently read a great, short article on gift giving by tidying expert Marie Kondo (see link below). Choosing Gifts That Spark Joy It's only a few weeks until Valentines Day. Here are some fun gift ideas for a variety of ages and budgets. Edible gifts from Sohnrey Family Foods Health & Beauty gifts from … Continue reading Valentine ❤️ Gift Ideas