Gilroy Gardens With Grandparents

Happy Easter! We took the kiddos and one set of g-parents to Gilroy Gardens for a flexible field trip today. We like this theme park for the wholesome atmosphere and little-kid friendly rides. There is nothing "scary" here and the rides are mild not thrill coasters. The park has a horticulture/agriculture theme with lots of … Continue reading Gilroy Gardens With Grandparents

How you doin’? – After 4 Months of RV Living

My friend, H.M. from NC wondered how we are adjusting to our current living situation? What a great idea for a post. Thank you so much for asking! This is not an easy question to answer. It's gonna be a long post with 4 sections: Things That Have Helped Us Adjust, Things That Are Difficult, … Continue reading How you doin’? – After 4 Months of RV Living