Gilroy Gardens With Grandparents – Gilroy, California

Happy Easter!

We took the kiddos and one set of g-parents to Gilroy Gardens for a flexible field trip today. We like this theme park for the wholesome atmosphere and little-kid friendly rides. There is nothing “scary” here and the rides are mild not thrill coasters. The park has a horticulture/agriculture theme with lots of plants and delightful shade.

S & K earned their entrance tickets from an incentive program at South Sutter Charter School (SSCS). Both kiddos completed 45 minutes of iReady lessons per week (online lessons in reading and math) for 6 weeks and earned a flexible field trip. These lessons were above and beyond their regular school work. How great is that? Have I mentioned that we really like homeschooling with SSCS?

Below are some of our favorite photos of the day. S was too tall for a couple of rides and B was too short for a couple of rides. So we split up a couple times. There was something for everyone.

If you have little ones and you haven’t been to Gilroy Gardens we highly recommend a trip there. Remember to treat yourselves to some garlic fries and funnel cake. We had so much fun today!

2 thoughts on “Gilroy Gardens With Grandparents – Gilroy, California

    1. My favorite ride was the spinning garlic bulbs because you could fit 5 people in one garlic and we were able to ride as a family. E was trying to counter-spin to make it more stable and the kids were trying to spin it faster. They were ecstatic to be making daddy too dizzy!
      We miss you! 💕

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