Henry’s Lake State Park, Idaho

After another basement flooding debacle thwarted out plans for a weekend getaway to Coeur d’Alene, we found ourselves traveling a shorter distance to Henry’s Lake State Park over the holiday weekend.

We took a short flat walk along the slough but it was exposed and hot and the air was smokey and we ended up just sitting along the rocky shoreline skipping stones.

How was your Labor Day weekend?

15 thoughts on “Henry’s Lake State Park, Idaho

  1. Hot!!! And of course this was the weekend we had lots of family here to paint the house…did you know you can’t paint if it’s over 90 degrees? So we painted from 6:30-11am and then from 9-11:30 pm…didn’t get it all done but we got more than half of it done. We also escaped up to Lake Almanor on Sabbath afternoon and otherwise played games inside when it was triple digits.

    Skipping stones is a fun way to spend an afternoon though.

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