North Menan Butte Trail – Menan, Idaho

The snow is finally melting. It has been a long, cold, bleak winter. I have had a difficult month. We must get out-of-doors. Time for an adventure.

good fences make good neighbors
a rocky assent
chain assist + last remains of winter snow
craggy rocks
Does anyone know what this purple plant is?
descent with chain assist

I’m actually not a huge fan of high desert landscape. All the tumbleweeds and scraggy mesquite bushes don’t look very pretty to me. I’d made up my mind to take beautiful photographs anyway. I wanted to see something beautiful. I think I found almost every color of the rainbow in nature on this hike. Hallelujah!

“…My life is in your hands
And though I may not see clearly
I will lift my voice and sing
‘Cause your love does amazing things
Lord, I know, my life is in your hands”

Excerpt from “My Life is in Your Hands by Kathy Troccoli

3 thoughts on “North Menan Butte Trail – Menan, Idaho

  1. Oh yay! Finally you can get out and explore and have some fun. Beautiful scenery and family photos. I’ve never seen a juniper tree, so I had no idea what I was seeing until I read your caption. I thought they were clay balls or frozen ice. I know…what the heck, right?!
    Hope the warm weather brightens your mood and you have good homeschooling adventures. Hugs…

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