Lego Nativity – Wordless Wednesday

8 thoughts on “Lego Nativity – Wordless Wednesday

  1. Love Legos! Aldi had a Lego kit to make a class C RV. I think it was $17. I was going to buy it to give as a future gift to our nephew, but our store did not have them. My kids made all sorts of things with Legos when they were growing up. Kits are nice, but I do like when kids make their own creations!

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      1. My favorite decoration is a hand carved nativity set my dad made for me. He carved it in 1984. It is a most treasured possession. Hope you are having a wonderful December in your new home!

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      2. Oh that sounds amazing! I love nativity sets. I had been collecting them before the fire. I started over last year with a wooden set for children and a 1000 piece puzzle. This year I found a teeny tiny pocket sized one at TJ Maxx.

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