Sequoia National Park – California

To conclude our weekend getaway to Kings Canyon and Sequoia National Parks we spent about half a day visiting General Sherman, the biggest tree in the world (by volume).

Thanks to the nice family behind us in line for taking our photo!

We enjoyed some rock scrambling, gawking at the trees, and the kids took photos of wildlife.

by SW (age 11)
by KW (age 8)
Sequoia cross section
giant trees
from tiny seeds

Until next time friends! Wherever you are, enjoy the view!

10 thoughts on “Sequoia National Park – California

    1. You are quite right!
      Apparently, when white settlers first went to California and wrote letters home describing the trees to their families, people didn’t believe them. People on the east thought these giant trees were just another tall tale. So, some of the loggers ended up cutting out a cross-section of a trunk and shipping it back east to prove the size of the trees.

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