For the Win…

A lovely lady at Sam’s Club just said to me, “ I love your hair color, where do you get it done?”

I’m marking this down as the best compliment ever because I’m letting my hair gray naturally.

In the past few months, I’ve been offered the “Senior Discount” and mistaken for my kids’ grandmother so I needed a “win”!


Bless you, kind woman at Sam’s Club, for the sweet compliment!

5 thoughts on “For the Win…

  1. You have lovely hair! Like LotR style elves. I would never accuse you of being your kids grandma! Then again I have several friends that have gone grey naturally so maybe I’m just used to the silver look 🙂 I plan to go grey naturally whenever it happens as well.

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  2. Who are those people asking if you’re your kid’s grandma?! How can they make that kind of mistake?
    Like the other commenter mentioned, going grey is all the rage and an art form. It takes a lot of care and maintenance to bring out the shine with grey hair. It’s not a cultural hair norm, although it’s changing slowly, and being counter cultural takes guts. You rock it girl!
    And don’t you love those compliments that seem God sent to lift up your spirits.

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