The Mountains are Calling and We Must Go – to McCall, Idaho

Frequently named one of the most beautiful small towns in Idaho, after visiting McCall overnight, I have to say that I couldn’t agree more!

This fabulous tourist destination sits next to Payette Lake, which is stunningly beautiful, even with the smoky sky.

Pondorosa State Park is here in McCall as well. We took the kiddos on a hike around Lily Marsh & part of Payette Lake starting at Fox Run Trailhead.

The varied terrain was most enjoyable, & kept the hike interesting & exciting for the kiddos.
Lily Marsh Trail ends where Peninsula Trail starts up, just keep on hiking and you’ll loop back to Fox Run Trailhead

We ended our quick jaunt to McCall with a ride on this neat swing made out of a ski chairlift near Rotary Park. I imagine that this place is lots of fun in winter too! After just a short visit, it was clear that there is a lot to do here in any season.

Poll: Do you prefer snow skiing or waterskiing?

13 thoughts on “The Mountains are Calling and We Must Go – to McCall, Idaho

  1. OHH. Great Question. I have heard of some people doing both on the same day or weekend. Both have been fun activities in our household. My preference these days is to be the best spectator I can be for either sport.

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  2. The pictures are beautiful, and the swing looks very relaxing. I have not done either type of skiing, and I don’t see it in my future. I do like to ride my bike though! 🙂 Enjoy your day!

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  3. I completely prefer snow skiing! I don’t have regular access to a boat so when I waterski I pretty much have to relearn it and I’m sore for weeks after. Snow skiing I have more control over how it goes 🙂 Especially if I’m cross country skiing.

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