Bishop’s Pumpkin 🎃 Farm – Wheatland, California

If you’re following us, you can see that this is our 2nd trip to a pumpkin patch this year.  What can I say?  Although we are not fans of celebrating Halloween, we are huge pumpkin fans and big fans of all farms in general.  If you missed our recent post, you can check out our other pumpkin patch trip here, TJ Farms Estates 🎃 – Chico, California.

While our trip to TJ Farms Estates was super relaxing, and low-key our trip to Bishop’s Pumpkin Farm was bursting with activities galore.

We thoroughly enjoyed both farms for different reasons! We hope you enjoy the photos.

Look at these future pumpkin farmers. What an adorable display for selling squash & flint corn (aka Indian corn)!

I can’t think of a time that I’ve seen more squash varieties. There were so many shapes, sizes, and colors. They were all just gorgeous in their vintage wooden crate displays. I have no idea what they are all named, here’s a website with many identified if you want to learn more:

The kiddos had lots of fun with the activities here. It was like a carnival. Here they are riding on the carousel, digging, sliding down the giant slides, “gold” panning for marbles, and running in the sunflower maze.

At the end of the day, we stopped to buy some treats. We decided on a mini apple pie, a mini pumpkin pie, fresh apple cider, and 4 “world-famous” apple-pumpkin muffins. The 5-inch “cutie pies” were the perfect size for us to try 2 flavors and not feel pumped full of sugar!

What is your favorite flavor: pumpkin 🎃 pie or apple 🍎 pie? Leave your answer in the comments below.

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10 thoughts on “Bishop’s Pumpkin 🎃 Farm – Wheatland, California

  1. Apple crisp! I’m not much of a pie person…unless it’s my moms pecan pie. The patch looks fun! Was it worth it? I’ve been eyeing Bishops for a couple years but it seemed kinda pricey.

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    1. I thought it was worth it. We went during the week to save money. Monday – Thursday parking is free, admission is free, and tickets are 89 cents each. We bought a ticket bundle of 50 tickets for $40. Train rides are 4 tickets each, marble mine & giant slide is 5 tickets per kiddo, carousel is 4 tickets per rider (parents helping little ones don’t need a ticket). We didn’t do all of the activities. We used it as a teaching opportunity: Here are the tickets kiddos, what one thing do each of you most want to do? Let’s see how many tickets that will take. Do we have enough? Are there any leftover?

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