Downtown Aquarium 🐠 – Denver, Colorado

My younger sister recently moved from the Bay Area, California to Colorado and we were excited to meet up with her at the Downtown Aquarium in Denver.

This aquarium is much smaller than Monterey Bay Aquarium. It was a little pricey for the size, but the exhibits were interesting and we spent about an hour and a half exploring. We didn’t do any of the extra activities like the carousel, train ride, 4D theater, swimming with the animals, animal meet and greets or anything else that cost extra.

Our favorite exhibit was the river otters. This was the tank we spent the most time at. This guy was very entertaining.

K was excited to take a photo with the “real” mermaids. Sometime, I want to try swimming with one of these tails. It looks like fun!

Here are some of our favorite kids books about marine life:

*Please be advised that Science Comics Sharks, promotes the theory of evolution which we do not support.

Interview: What was the best part of the aquarium?

B: The alligator snapping turtle.

K: Taking a picture with the mermaids.

S: Sharks!

We look forward to your comments below!

πŸ™ What is your favorite marine animal?

🐑 What is your favorite aquarium to visit? Maybe we will visit it soon!

🐳 What is your favorite book about the ocean or marine life?

4 thoughts on “Downtown Aquarium 🐠 – Denver, Colorado

  1. We love the Monterey aquarium! I’ve also done Newport and we’re going to Seaquest in Folsom for tomorrow, never hurts to start the year with a field trip! E’s fave ocean animal is dolphins and our fave book is Humphrey.

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