Canyon View Park – Grand Junction, Colorado

We met up with some great friends from UT, at this awesome playground on Wednesday (8/07/19). We went back again today (8/10/19) because it was so much fun. I hope you are blessed to have some friends like these ones. We hadn’t seen them in four years, and we picked up without missing a beat. Friends are such a blessing!

Check out this park! It’s just like my friend F.M. said, “It’s the biggest playground I’ve ever seen in my life!”

There’s even a section for adults or older kids to exercise/ninja warrior train.

There was a pond there too.

How great that this playground is so educational!

There was a playground section for kids under 5 that I didn’t get any photos of.

Ok kiddos, 5 more minutes, you can do one last thing…

Of course, we all took one last ride on the zipline swing! It was similar to the one at Leoni Meadows Family Camp – Grizzly Flats, California.

Thanks for following us. We hope that this post inspires you to get outside and play today!

Here’s a special Canyon View Park quiz for you:

Can you answer the riddles correctly? *hint: use the Braille Alphabet key found in this post.

Please answer only one riddle in the comments below so that 3 people can be “first” to answer!

14 thoughts on “Canyon View Park – Grand Junction, Colorado

  1. So just last night my husband was showing me an article that said that Grand Junction Colorado is one of the top 10 most romantic spots in all of the United States. He’s trying to get me to visit there so he can visit his friend I’m fine for that I said let’s go next year we’ll set up something.

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      1. Yeah it should be fun I’ll go anywhere with David and I look forward to meeting his friend and exploring Grand Junction for sure who knows if you’re back in the area maybe we can meet up at the candle store LOL

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      1. I remember those days but I always try and make time to have a date with my husband because I’ve already been divorced once and this is my second marriage and I want to make sure that I cherish this one although I don’t think all the dates in the world could have saved my last marriage.

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