Watermelon 🍉 Wages – Summer School 2022

We usually do summer school in our homeschool. Let’s face it, despite my best attempts and well laid plans, distracting and unhelpful things come up! We are so consistently and perpetually running “behind”, that for us, it’s actually not running behind. Ever since our first year of summer school in 2020, my kiddos actually look … Continue reading Watermelon 🍉 Wages – Summer School 2022

Homeschool Summer ☀️ School

The official last day of school for our charter school was May 22. We are still running a little behind in our studies. The Camp Fire set our oldest 2 kiddos (ages 10 & 7) back by a good 6 months and we still haven’t quite caught up yet. Our youngest was in Kindergarten this … Continue reading Homeschool Summer ☀️ School