For the Win…

A lovely lady at Sam’s Club just said to me, “ I love your hair color, where do you get it done?” I’m marking this down as the best compliment ever because I’m letting my hair gray naturally. In the past few months, I’ve been offered the “Senior Discount” and mistaken for my kids’ grandmother … Continue reading For the Win…

Sequoia National Park – California

To conclude our weekend getaway to Kings Canyon and Sequoia National Parks we spent about half a day visiting General Sherman, the biggest tree in the world (by volume). Thanks to the nice family behind us in line for taking our photo! We enjoyed some rock scrambling, gawking at the trees, and the kids took … Continue reading Sequoia National Park – California

Boyden Cavern – Sequoia National Forest – California

On our drive to the bottom of King’s Canyon, we stumbled upon a turn out marked “Boyden Cavern”. We wanted a little leg stretch so we took the exit and noticed a sign reading “tours”. Unbeknownst to us, guided tours were being offered every half hour for $15/adult and $10/kids over age 5. We were … Continue reading Boyden Cavern – Sequoia National Forest – California

King’s Canyon National Park – California

You won’t believe this, but we recently accidentally stumbled across the perfect Christmas in July thing… I know it’s August now but we did this trip in July so it still counts. Did you know that “the Nation’s Christmas Tree” is the General Grant tree in King’s Canyon National Park? General Grant - The Nation’s … Continue reading King’s Canyon National Park – California

Hot Wheels Rainbow

Clea and Joanna from The Home Edit would be so proud! Also, how many hot wheels cars can you possibly need?

Sunflower Bouquet – Wordless Wednesday