Friendly Friday Photo Challenge – In Transit

This weeks Friendly Friday Photo Challenge comes from fellow blogger, Sandy at The Sandy Chronicles. If you’d like to participate in the challenge please visit her blog for the rules. To me, “In Transit” means traveling from one place to another. I feel like I’ve had a bit of experience in this area both literally … Continue reading Friendly Friday Photo Challenge – In Transit

Friendly Friday Photo Challenge – The Colour Pink

“Thank you” to my fellow blogger at Something to Ponder About for this fun photo challenge. If you would like to participate please visit her site for the rules. I hope you will join in the fun! The theme of this week’s Friendly Friday Photo Challenge is “the color pink”. The creator of the challenge … Continue reading Friendly Friday Photo Challenge – The Colour Pink

(almost) Wordless Wednesday

I am not sure what the scientific name for these are, we call them “pokey ball things“. They are seeds that fall from trees.

Pomegranates Baby!

We had a really fun opportunity this week to see pomegranates beginning to grow on a tree in the side yard at our rental house. We are still waiting on new flooring at our new house… It’s just been one hiccup after another… Perhaps we will move in by the end of June... Anyways, while … Continue reading Pomegranates Baby!

Storm’s A-Brewin’

I hope you enjoy the results of an impromptu photo shoot I did yesterday. “Thank You” to my husband for putting aside the things that “needed” to be done and taking us on a mini field trip to drive RC toys. “Thank You” to the train engineer for blowing the whistle for us. Small acts … Continue reading Storm’s A-Brewin’