Fallen Pine Bough & Pinecones – Wordless Wednesday

Old Faithful – Yellowstone National Park

5/21/22 We finally made it to Old Faithful and we were rewarded by an awesome eruption that was 50-100 ft high and last 3 & 1/2 minutes. It was sunny and snowing and about 41°F. Old Faithful video in real time - the tiny flashes of light in the video is sun reflecting off snowflakes … Continue reading Old Faithful – Yellowstone National Park

Fountain Paint Pots – Yellowstone National Park

5/21/22 Yellowstone Day #1: After visiting the West Yellowstone visitor’s center and purchasing Junior Ranger workbooks for $3 each, we opted to head to Old Faithful first. We got distracted and stopped to look at bison across the river… bison across the river we were really pretty far away from the bison we saw this … Continue reading Fountain Paint Pots – Yellowstone National Park

Rainbow Point Campground (Site B20) – West Yellowstone, Montana

We kicked off camping season 2022 with a weekend getaway to Yellowstone National Park! We stayed at Rainbow Point Campground. It is located on the banks of scenic Hebgen Lake, in southwestern Montana in Custer Gallatin National Forest. We had electric hookup, but no water hookup, no sewer hookup, and no dump site at the … Continue reading Rainbow Point Campground (Site B20) – West Yellowstone, Montana

Camas National Wildlife Refuge – Hamer, Idaho

This wildlife refuge was a bit disappointing as the “wetland” was completely bone dry. It just wasn’t very pretty or well maintained in appearance. We saw red-winged blackbirds, peregrine falcon, a pair of sandhill crane, 2 pairs of Canada geese, magpies, and a pair of pronghorn. All in all it was not a wasted trip, … Continue reading Camas National Wildlife Refuge – Hamer, Idaho

North Menan Butte Trail – Menan, Idaho

The snow is finally melting. It has been a long, cold, bleak winter. I have had a difficult month. We must get out-of-doors. Time for an adventure. good fences make good neighbors juniper a rocky assent chain assist + last remains of winter snow summit craggy rocks Does anyone know what this purple plant is? … Continue reading North Menan Butte Trail – Menan, Idaho

“Now is the Winter of Our Discontent” – Wordless Wednesday

Edamame Dip Recipe

This falls into the category of “food I like so much I’d be happy to eat nothing else for the rest of my life”. I got the original recipe at a church sponsored vegan cooking class at Paradise SDA Church many years ago. Lots of my friends and family like it a lot. I hope … Continue reading Edamame Dip Recipe

Fresh California Citrus

pomelo, grapefruit, (back row left to right) Meyer lemon, naval orange, blood orange, (middle row left to right) mandarin orange (front center) We moved to Idaho in September 2021. I miss the California weather and the delicious produce that is a product of that warm weather. A recent visit to California (January 2022) brought us … Continue reading Fresh California Citrus

Northbound Interstate 15 Twilight – Wordless Wednesday