Happy Mother’s Day to Me

Found this 8ft bookshelf at Idaho Youth Ranch thrift store for $70. Found the ladder (which is hinged and folds into a chair) at Deseret Industries thrift store for $40. Finally having a place to put my book collection – priceless!

Update 5/12/22:

Since setting up our home library with 2 bookcases, the one shown and a basic IKEA cube-style system – all 3 kids have been reading significantly more! Woo hoo! Now they can easily peruse our collection and grab something to read or look at whenever the mood strikes. I love it!

5 thoughts on “Happy Mother’s Day to Me

  1. …how do you have so much space on your bookshelf? I buy a new shelf and it’s instantly full to overflowing…they must know I love them or something 😉 I love your bookshelf and your ladder is adorable!

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