8 thoughts on “Mobile Sharing Library

  1. I love the free little libraries. I did not realize it cost $39.95 to register it on the site! We do have two “sharing libraries” in our neighborhood. And we use them. I’ve always wanted one, too. But I want it to look like a house. That’s beyond our skills set and also beyond how much we want to pay to buy one. Maybe someday. Plus I have noticed the quality of what is offered is varied – and likely largely depends on someone monitoring it. I do enjoy the book exchanges that are sometimes found at campgrounds. Your little bench is very cute, and you did a nice job on it. Good luck!

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    1. Yes! The ones that look like houses are so cute! Likewise, they are beyond our skill set and how much we want to pay. 😉
      I too, enjoy the book exchanges found at some RV parks and campgrounds. I always try and leave something. I was taught to “leave things better than you found them” and it stuck!

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      1. That is a good lesson to have learned. I believe in that, too! I need to be better organized and bring some books along to give away while on our travels.

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  2. Love it! There is a lending library at the park across from our old apartment, and one at the preschool across from church. There’s one at the park closest to my in-laws. There’s also one in front of my grandmothers old house…but I haven’t seen a little lending library where we live now. They are a fun and cute idea and yours looks adorable!

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  3. The park just down the road has a free little library. I think these are a wonderful idea and I’m always excited to find them at campgrounds and other locations when we travel. Yours is adorable.

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