Camas National Wildlife Refuge – Hamer, Idaho

This wildlife refuge was a bit disappointing as the “wetland” was completely bone dry. It just wasn’t very pretty or well maintained in appearance. We saw red-winged blackbirds, peregrine falcon, a pair of sandhill crane, 2 pairs of Canada geese, magpies, and a pair of pronghorn. All in all it was not a wasted trip, but it’s not one of my favorite destinations. The photo turned out prettier than it was in real life.

6 thoughts on “Camas National Wildlife Refuge – Hamer, Idaho

  1. The photo is really pretty with those mountains in the distance and the two animals in the prairie. At least you know now, that you may not want to go back. 🙂 Enjoy your day!

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    1. We’re in the high desert. We didn’t get a lot of snow. It snowed a few times and then it just stayed all winter because it’s so cold. It just didn’t melt until the end of March, but it wasn’t that much water.


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