Five in a Row Christmas Ornaments 2020

In the past, I have participated in a “Five in a Row” Christmas ornament swap with friends of ours in North Carolina. Last year, 2020, I decided to just make ornaments for my family and begin replacing all of the Christmas ornaments that we lost in the fire. Here are the ornaments that I made last year to match some of our favorite picture books:

hand painted wooden bunny – The ABC Bunny
hand sewn felt bunny with carrot and bunny buttons – The Runaway Bunny
hand painted and decoupaged wooden egg – Make Way for Ducklings
hand sewn felt sheep – Warm as Wool
hand drawn, painted and decoupaged wooden turkey shape with beads – Cranberry Thanksgiving
hand sewn felt pizza slice – Little Nino’s Pizzeria
(design idea by L.N. from NC)
metal bucket and blue beads – Blueberries for Sal (design idea by H.M. from NC)

Do you have a favorite Christmas ornament for your Christmas tree?

What is one of your favorite DIY Christmas traditions?

8 thoughts on “Five in a Row Christmas Ornaments 2020

  1. These are beautiful and such a lovely idea! We haven’t put up our Christmas tree just yet. I like to wait until after Thanksgiving. We do have some ornaments which we’ve collected over the years which remind us of treasured memories. I’ll keep an eye out for my favorites when we put up the tree. Even now with my kids being in their thirties, we all still remember some of our favorite children’s books we read when they were growing up. Enjoy your day!

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  2. Your replacement Ornaments have all turned out really great. Hand made ornaments are so special, and fun to collect. I can’t wait to see what you make this Christmas.

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