Fashion Show

My daughter got these super sweet paper dolls from her grandma for her 9th birthday.

My friend over at has posted some cute toy photos lately, so I had to copy her idea and give her a shout out!

My daughter did this fashion show photo shoot:

Besides being absolutely adorable, these paper dolls are perfect for temporary RV living! They develop fine motor skills and are excellent for creative pretend play too.

http://Tiger Tribe Paper Dolls Kit, Vintage Arts and Crafts, White

10 thoughts on “Fashion Show

  1. Thanks for the shot out. 🙂 Something so fun about taking toy photos; it’s like a nostalgic thing.
    Those paper dolls are cute and your daughter did a great photo shoot!
    I remember doing paper doll dress ups too except I had to color them in. lol
    I hope you guys are doing well in Idaho. Hugs lady…

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