End of Homeschool Year Recap 2021

Today’s post is all about evaluating what things worked well for our homeschool last year. Here is my Homeschool Plan 2020-2021 (written in August 2020) for reference.

I’ll start with the good news. Here’s what seemed to work pretty well:

Seatwork – Math Lessons for a Living Education, Evan Moor Daily Spelling Skills, A Reason for Handwriting Boarder Sheets, The Good and the Beautiful Cursive, Fun-Scooling Nature Journal, and Write About Me/My World workbooks.

Tea parties – The kids remind me of this new tradition every single Wednesday. My girlfriend, L.T. gave us a gorgeous Beatrix Potter, Peter Rabbit tea set this past summer and we love it. Tea sets aren’t usually on back-to-school supply lists, but I think they should be.

Picnics at the park – After getting off to a slow start, these are happening almost every week (weather permitting).

Traveling about once/month: After our stint living full-time in an RV we’ve caught an incurable case of the travel bug. There is always somewhere new to go, and something new to see.

LitWits – I’m in love! So far we’ve read “Anne of Green Gables”, “Around the World in Eighty Days”, and “The Trumpet of the Swan”, and “A Little Princess”. Next up, “Mrs. Frisby and the Rats of NIMH”. We do a LitWits Zoom class about every other month.

Audible – we used this app to listen to “Trumpet of the Swan” on a road trip to Idaho and we’re hooked. I enjoy that it gives my voice a break from reading aloud.

Simply Piano App: our whole family (ages 6 – 42) started learning to play piano in February and we’re all enjoying this app!

Marguerite Henry Books: We’ve been reading these in between our LitWits assigned books.

Now for the things that just didn’t seem to work this past year:

Spanish – This is an elective that I feel is really important but we just can’t seem to make time for it.

Morning Time – I just couldn’t maintain the energy to do this on top of everything else this year. It’s partly due to a terrible case of insomnia that leaves me really dragging in the mornings.

My exercise routine – this priority is so difficult to keep as a priority.

Meal planning – I had such great intentions for this but alas, somehow or another it got away from me again.

🍎 What was your favorite part of school this past year?

🍎 If you’re not in school, what was your favorite new hobby or activity that you tried this past year?

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