The Good Dishes

Quite some time ago, I read an article in a magazine (before you could find everything you want to read online). Unfortunately, I have no ideas what the magazine was or who wrote the article. The author wrote about the passing of her mother, and finding “the good dishes” in one of her mother’s cupboards. The author of the article thought it was a real tragedy that she could only remember ever using the dishes on one or two occasions. The article really stuck with me. When I moved out of my parents’ house, my mother gave me my grandmother’s “good dishes”. I used them every day. I’m so glad that I did. Some of the most disappointing things that I lost in the Camp Fire were things that I was “saving”. Gifts that I had squirreled away to give loved ones at a future date, toys that I planned to give to the children “when they were older”, etc…, etc….

Let me tell you, I feel good about using those “good dishes”!

After the Camp Fire, we were very blessed by the generosity of strangers, and someone gave us a huge set of Desert Rose Franciscan-ware China. As it turns out, it is the very same China that my husband’s grandmother had.

We finally got it out for my mom’s birthday celebration which was a week late but never mind the belatedness because we used “the good dishes”. I’m happy to report that I only broke one dessert plate by dropping it in the sink. Unfortunately, Franciscan-ware is extremely fragile and not dishwasher safe which means my clumsiness is likely to break a few pieces here and there. We used the “good dishes” again for my daughter’s 8th birthday, Thanksgiving, and Christmas. Due to the fragility, they aren’t everyday dishes but I hope to get them out as often as requested by my kids or whenever we feel fancy. I want the kids to have memories of using the dishes while they were growing up. Our homeschool lifestyle is all about making meaningful memories!

How about you friends? Are you saving anything for the “right” time? Maybe the “right” time is sooner than you think! Maybe the “right” time is right now! We hope this post inspires you to get out those “good dishes” for dinner tonight and make some memories!

8 thoughts on “The Good Dishes

  1. We had “good dishes” too! We didn’t use them as often as I’d like since we had toddlers in the home most of the time but we did use them for all the holidays! We don’t have any good dishes anymore. Hoping to replace them once we have room for a china cabinet again! I’m still thinking it’ll be those poppy dishes like the railroad museum! I don’t think we have anything else we’ve been saving ’til later…except we had some board games but the kids are even having the attention span for longer board games now so we’ve been playing them some 🙂

    Your good dishes are lovely!

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  2. Beautiful table! it was fun to be part of using the good dishes. Here’s to many more ordinary – extraordinary meals enjoyed using these special dishes. I am glad you are not “saving the dishes” f or a more important event. Those events happen all the time. Good to see you blogging again.

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  3. I recently watched a movie called “About Time” and the gist of the movie was living each day as if you were given a second chance to live that day. I imagine we would use the good dishes a lot more often. If you like British humor I would recommend the movie.

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