Blog Break

Hi friends! I just wanted to let y’all know that I’m taking a blogging break for a bit. I hope to pick up blogging again in the future. Until then, seize the day, take risks, think critically, be kind, spread love, and most of all enjoy the great outdoors and the people you love!

14 thoughts on “Blog Break

  1. Hey Jen, I understand that breaks are good for the soul and it’s a time to refresh. But I will miss you on this blogging forum. When do you think you’ll return?
    I hope it’s just a break and everything is fine with you and your family.

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      1. Relieved to hear you guys are well! It’s been quite a year and now with homeschooling in full swing, life has gotten more hectic. Just went to the dermatologist for hair loss issues…it’s stress she said. 🥴 She’s been seeing this symptom a lot this year. Go figure.
        Will be keeping you in my prayers too. Don’t stay away too long. 😀🤗

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