The Woodpecker Trail – Point Reyes National Seashore – California


After hiking the 1-mile Earthquake Trail we grabbed a brochure and headed to The Woodpecker Trail.

This trail wasn’t paved and wasn’t as flat as Earthquake Trail, but it was still super kid-friendly.

We ended up running from one numbered post to the next, stopping at each to read the first paragraph of the corresponding section in the brochure. There were 12 numbered posts on the 1-mile hike.

Below is a photo of a beautiful staircase in the woods.

Below is the photo that was accidentally taken when I slipped and fell on the beautiful (and quite wet) staircase in the woods; while I was holding the informative brochure in one hand and my iPhone on camera mode in the other hand. lol

Luckily no one saw, so we can just go ahead and pretend it never happened. Right?!? Thanks! On with the hike.

🌲 We hope you are able to enjoy a hike through the woods near you sometime soon!

🌲 Remember to keep at least one hand free for balance in case the ground is slippery or wet!

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