Five in a Row Christmas Ornament Swap 2018

My dear friends from Five in a Row NC were so sweet to send us ornaments from last year’s Christmas ornament swap (2018) even though I didn’t send in my contribution until this year (2019). You can find details instructions for that ornament here:

Five in a Row Christmas Ornament – Who Owns the Sun? ☀️

I wanted to show you what these talented and creative ladies came up with as ornaments to represent different books from Five in a Row. The ornament swap works by each participant choosing a book from a list and making several of the same ornament. So if there are 8 participants than everyone makes 8 of the same ornament. Someone hosts a swap party where everyone brings the ornaments that they made and trades them so that each participant leaves with one of each ornament. It’s like a cookie exchange but with ornaments. I included a photo of the book with the ornament. Again, I didn’t make any of these so I don’t have any instructions for them.

This last one goes with Thomas Edison-Young Inventor by Sue Guthridge, but I don’t have that book yet.

Anyone up for some last minute ornament crafting? In retrospect, I really should’ve posted this in November. Obviously, none of us needs another item on our to-do list at this point. Christmas is right around the corner! Wishing you peace and joy during this season of business! ❤️💚🤍

One thought on “Five in a Row Christmas Ornament Swap 2018

  1. Creative and cute ornaments. What a fun exchange to be a part of. Your
    Christmas tree will be festive and fun with the addition of these ornaments this year.

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