Black Swan Trail – Smartsville, California

We needed to get out of the house this afternoon, and a quick Google search led us to Black Swan Trail. After writing RV Living Quarterly Report (December 2019), I was feeling extra inspired to get out and do a little hiking and exploring. I really miss that part of our RV lifestyle a lot! All I want for Christmas is… a National Park Pass! We completed the 2.2 mike hike in about an hour and a half. The weather was sunny with a few clouds and chilly at 51°F.

E has a new look with transformed facial hair.

There are a couple of turtles at the bottom of the diagonal log in the photo below.

I always stop to appreciate a cleverly worded warning sign. Especially when it looks totally official and makes a Lord of the Rings reference. I enjoy how people can be creative with boundary setting.

On the drive back, I snagged a photo of the Sutter Buttes out of the car window. The Sutter buttes are referred to as “the smallest mountain range in the world”. Here’s a link with more information about the Sutter Buttes.

We hope this post awakens the hibernating travel bug in you and inspires you to explore a new place or go for a chilly holiday hike sometime soon!

We wish you a holiday season sprinkled with outdoor adventures!

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