Apple 🍎 Hill – Boa Vista Orchards – Placerville, California

My sister came to visit this past weekend and we decided to take a day trip to Apple Hill today. My favorite stop was Boa Vista Orchards. If you are ever in the area I highly recommend stopping by to try the apple cider sugar donuts! I hope you enjoy the photos of our excursion.

There were so many varieties of apples available: Winesap, Golden Delicious, Red Rome, Fuji, Braeburn, Mutsu, Arkansas Black, Pippin, and Candy Crisp to name a few.

We had fun taking advantage of the photo ops in the deserted pumpkin patch.

My oldest son (age 9) took this photo of me and my sister sticking our heads in pumpkin faces.

I admired this clever bench made out of 3 old chairs and 2×4’s.

Happy Fall everyone! Thank you for following our adventures!

P.S. Here are a few of our favorite apple-themed picture books:

I’m pretty sure this pumpkin sign at Boa Vista Orchards is meant to be sung to the tune of “I’m a Little Teapot”.  Does anyone want to help me come up with the rest of the song lyrics?  If you have some ideas, please post a comment below!

5 thoughts on “Apple 🍎 Hill – Boa Vista Orchards – Placerville, California

  1. What fun, apple orchards are so fun, but also expensive$$$. 99cent/pound that is cheap it was $1.29 at the place we went to, but only 0.69Cents/pound at our local super grocery store. We paid $5.50 for hotdogs, but I should have packed food, Typically I do, but it was a last minute choice.

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    1. I’ve found that produce is sometimes less expensive in California. The general cost of living is higher than most other states but the price of produce is lower. Farm fresh produce is usually more expensive than it is at the grocery store. Boa Vista had pretty good prices!

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      1. Excellent. The kids are always laughing at me that I know the best price on everything, today I am headed over to Meijer they have 0.99cent split chicken breast – that is a great deal, even $1.99 is a good deal. lol

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