The Brown Owl 🦉- Bend, Oregon

This was a quirky restaurant. It was more like a food truck outside a pub. We had to ask if we could take the kids inside because by looking at it from the outside we weren’t sure that we could!

S and B figured this tree was at least 70-years-old when it was cut down.

This pumpkin beside the front door was so beautifully carved.

I was totally diggin’ the interior decor. How cool is this pallet wood up-cycling? The table legs looked like a giant Jenga set. The tabletop was 19 reclaimed 1 x 2’s bolted together at about 4 points along the edge with lag bolts.

The walls were just pallet boards nailed together.  My favorites were the ones with knot holes, numbers/letters stamped in them, and the ones with blue staining.

The Ball Mason Jar glassware was perfect with the rest of the decor.

Our favorite dish was the fries made with unpeeled russet potatoes and spicy brown mustard, creamy blue cheese and fry sauce for dipping.

🦉 We hope this post inspired you to:

a) Make something out of pallet boards

b) Try a quirky new restaurant

c) Carve a pumpkin

d) Leave the peels on your potatoes when you cook them

e) Count the rings in the next tree stump you find

🦉 Which one will you try?

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