Candle Kitchen – Grand Junction, Colorado

The kids and I just had to check out Candle Kitchen in Grand Junction, CO to create our own personalized scented soy candles. This was such a fun and unique experience! If you’re ever in the area, we highly recommend it.

There were over 100 different scents to sample. Each kiddo took a mini clipboard and a “recipe card” to jot down his/her favorite scents.

Next we chose the candle containers. If you want, you can bring in your own container.

Finally, we took our “recipe” cards to the mixing counter where the talented staff helped us decide on the perfect scent combinations. Thank goodness we got some direction from the experts with this part. The kiddos got to measure the scented oils and mix the oils into the melted soy wax.

Once our candles were poured and the scents were mixed in, we ran some errands and picked up our custom candles the same day.

Here are the custom scents we created today.

dark chocolate + caramel + coconut = B named this one “Chocolate Box”

black cherry + sugar cookie

lavender + bubble gum

sugar cookie + caramel + whipped cream = K named this one “Birthday Dessert”

pine needles + honeycrisp apple = S named this one “Pine-Apple” (lol)

burnt sugar + caramel + peach

I wish I could post the scents on the blog for you to smell! We had so much fun on our outing here today!

13 thoughts on “Candle Kitchen – Grand Junction, Colorado

    1. It was! My favorite part was that I didn’t have to prep or clean up anything to make our own candles! S said, “It was so much easier than candle making at Days of Living History” [at the Gold Nugget Museum]. lol 😂


  1. What a fun outing. I can just imagine the awesome smells in the store. And now you can enjoy the scents again when you burn the candles. Thanks for sharing this activity. Love you, Mega

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    1. They had some unique scents. I liked “rosemary” because it reminded me of using fresh rosemary to cook with. They also had interesting scents like “summer lawn”, “rain”, “pistachio”, “baking bread”, and “campfire”. I wonder if campfire + burnt sugar + chocolate would = s’mores!?!


  2. Oh my husband’s best friend lives in Grand Junction Colorado my husband says it’s the best place in the world just so beautiful they’re up in the mountains I’ve never been but I’m hoping to go visit his friend maybe next year

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    1. When you visit Grand Junction, you’ve gotta make a candle here! You can make the perfect custom scent from your favorite places that you’ve traveled to. Paris meets Tokyo perhaps? It’s amazing how a scent can “take you somewhere else”.
      Thanks for visiting my blog.

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      1. I’ll check into making a candle but it’s hard to get a bunch of guys into a candle store. So tell me are you traveling across the West in your RV or living out of it like the people in the tiny houses that I see on TV all the time.

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      2. lol! Totally! The candle store was me + kiddos while papa was working. They did have some “man scents” like campfire, mowed lawn, and bourbon.
        We lost our home in Paradise, CA in the Camp Fire 11/08/18. We’ve been living/traveling in our 35 ft Winnebago since December. We’ve been wandering around the desert like the Israelites!
        Thanks for asking!

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      3. At least you guys are together and it seems like it’s a really nice Winnebagi sending you prayers from our family in Michigan. Tonite st dinner I’ll mention your family to mine, so you get full in prayers at our 630 dinnertime

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