April is National Poetry Month

Here are some of our favorite poetry related ideas and resources.

I’m really liking these “write your own poems” workbooks by Usborne. The kiddos are learning about different types of poems with space for trying out the techniques. The illustrations are fun, colorful, and engaging. I have a very reluctant writer and though it has been an occasional struggle, after a few hand-holding successes the child is beginning to have a better attitude about it. Yay for scaffolding!

Usborne Write Your Own Poems
B age 8
K age 10
S age 13

We enjoyed the “Poetry for Young People” series last school year and we’re continuing with the series this school year too. So far, we learned about Maya Angelou and Langston Hughes. Next up is Carl Sandburg!

If you like Hello Kitty and enjoy haiku then you should check out these two books with photos and poems. Some of them are really funny!

Since we are planning on repainting the kiddos rooms soon, we thought we’d try out “Paint Chip Poetry”. Here’s what we came up with:

Me age 43
K age 10
B age 8
S age 13

Check out these fun book spine poems we did in the past:

Book Spine Poetry – February

Book Spine Poetry – March

One of our favorite poets is Jack Prelutsky. Who is your favorite poet?

2 thoughts on “April is National Poetry Month

  1. Great job kids!! I’m so glad you found a resource to help your kids overcome their writing I especially enjoyed S’s poem. Authentic feelings! Isn’t that what poems are about?
    Elliot is my reluctant writer and sometimes it is painful for both of us when he has to write. We are in an IEW writing class and that’s been a wonderful help for us. Our ES recommended her. She does online classes if you are interested (Email me if you are and I’ll send you her info).

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  2. Love the poems! And I love the Usborne books as well. Ari has a couple for writing stories. I’ll have to check out the poetry one. Writing is something we haven’t spent much time on since trying Write Shop in Kindergarten..and then that year went up in smoke… but this year I do have both kids working through some 6-trait writing workbooks with their dad since…you know…he’s the English teacher 😛

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