Centennial Park & the Parthenon – Nashville, TN

My kiddos and I were so excited to tag along on my husband’s work trip to Nashville, TN in mid-November 2022. This post is the first in the series of posts about our trip.

Our first full-day in Nashville (Monday) we were excited to meet up with long-time friends at Centennial Park. We saw Canadian geese, ducks, squirrels, and pigeons. The kiddos named their favorite squirrel, Gerald. Silly kiddos.


It was really fun to let the kids run around outdoors in nature the day after a long day of traveling. My friend made an amazing picnic lunch with mandarin organs, apple slices with cinnamon, sandwiches, homemade chili with all kids of yummy topping and 2 kinds of cookies! She’s such an amazing hostess! We got to see the Parthenon replica but opted not to go inside to the art museum and just admire the architecture from the outside.

Our youngest was thrilled to try roller blades and absolutely loved them!

My friend B even took our family Christmas card photo while we were all hanging out.

Merry Christmas!

Spending time playing outside with our friends was hands-down The Best part of our trip to Nashville! Thank you M family for the fun-filled day!

me & my hubs

8 thoughts on “Centennial Park & the Parthenon – Nashville, TN

      1. Jen, that is beautiful! I love it! My best friend is named Jenn. I’ll definitely try to remember. If I call you Betty you can smile as I honor your Mom 🥰🤗🙏🏻 Happy New Year!! 🎊

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