2023 Winter Quarter Homeschool Thrift Haul

I took a little thrifting trip this week for some retail therapy. I found a few cool “new” things for our homeschool to show y’all.


I got a cookbook, 3 mysteries, and a non-fiction bestseller for my almost teen. I’ve never read Nancy Drew, so I’m not sure how those are. They seem to have stood the test of time, and at $1 each I figured I’d give them a try. I got an American Girl dvd that we watched last night, and although it’s not going to be up for any Oscar’s, it was a good story that promoted good values and kept everyone’s attention and interest.

storage bins

These plastic Sterilite storage bins are pretty versatile for stowing a variety of homeschooling supplies, especially in 2 sizes and I’m digging the cool colors too!

I’m not sure how educational this Calico Critter starter house is, but I know we could buy Calico Critters with charter school funds in California. I am a believer in the educational value of play, so I’m totally going to count these cuties as educational! This is their first starter house and it’s appropriately a bit of a fixer-upper. The windows, door and railing are missing, but at $2 it was well within their budget, so they’re just going to have to put in a little sweat-equity.


I got 3 skeins of yarn to support my knitting habit. I knit medicinally to treat my PTSD and I highly recommend it as a hobby. Knitting to treat PTSD and anxiety is totally a thing! Check out this cool knitting psychiatrist at madame-tricot-knitting-the-brain-back-together. The circular looms I have make it manageable for my elementary skill level.

I’m a sucker for unique bookends. These school themed kitschy desks and books of core subjects were a rare find! They are made of real metal and wood and they look adorable on the windowsill with the “Who Was…?” series the kiddos got for Christmas.

I’m most excited about this collection of “new” games. We’re doing a game per day challenge in January and these look like they will be fun to try out! The game & book per day challenge is from The Waldock Way and you can find the details Here.

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I hope this post inspires you to check out a thrift store near you. You never know what you might find! Happy homeschooling friends!

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      1. Yes, they have them there. That store has too many resources and toys. They also send me a catalogue before each school year. Thankfully this year they made a thinner version of their older one, which was thick as a full sized yellow page book.

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