Nashville, Tennessee – Unit Study

We’ve got big news here at our homeschool, my husband and I decided that the kiddos and I are going to tag along on my husband’s work trip to Nashville this year! We are so excited! When an opportunity this this pops up, it dramatically changes our homeschool plans. We are totally dropping everything else and switching gears to Nashville, Nashville, Nashville! I went directly to the library card catalog and got us started with the following ideas and resources.

Nashville is known as Music City, and we know next to nothing about the big stars who have performed at the famous venues there. We are going to learn about some famous musicians using books from the “Who Was…?” series.

Update: we ran out of time and we only listened to “Who Is Dolly Parton?” and “Who Was Johnny Cash?”. Both books were fantastic and we listened to many of the songs referenced in the books.

We also watched Dolly Parton’s Coat of Many Colors made-for-TV movie. The movie was very good, but please know that one of Dolly’s siblings was stillborn and that was a major theme of the film, as well as how babies are made. It was done very tastefully but if you haven’t already had “The Talk” with your kids you might be having it after you watch this movie! The still baby scenes were extremely sad, and I was totally chocked up. I definitely recommend previewing it first before watching it with your children.

Nashville also has a replica of the Parthenon, and since we probably won’t make it to Greece anytime soon, we’re going to try and check that out too. We want to have a bit of background information about the Parthenon before we go.

I snagged a classic novel by William O’Steele set in Tennessee. Unfortunately, we ran out of time to read this one before our trip. It’s on our list now though…

We already had an American Girl book, “Tenney” set in Nashville, Tennessee. We really liked this book a lot and we bought the rest of the series to read later.

We really enjoyed these two picture books about people from Tennessee that we hadn’t learned about before, William “Doc” Key and his horse Jim, and Sequoyah.

🎶 Are you from Nashville or have you visited Nashville?

🎵 What should we do while we are there?

🎼 Do you have any other resource ideas for us?

18 thoughts on “Nashville, Tennessee – Unit Study

  1. Fun! Caleb and I went to Nashville for a teacher convention before the kids were born. We went to the Grand Ole Opry and rode the General Jackson Showboat. Both were fun! If you feel like it you’re also about 2 hours from both Southern and Oakwood universities which can be interesting stops too. Have a great time!

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  2. When you are there, you should pick up your Home School Mother of the Year award! I mean you make learning so much fun – relatable! We are going to the Smoky Mountains in April. Perhaps you could take a side trip there. And please ask your husband to schedule the trip around ours, so we can meet up! 😉 We visited “Hermitage” while in Nashville a few years back. That is the home of President Andrew Jackson. He wasn’t a favorite president of mine, but I do like to visit presidential homes and museums. Whatever you do, enjoy and safe travels!

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      1. I started collecting them after our visit to the museum. 😊
        The little elderly lady who owned the museum was so sweet. She came out to tell us about the museum before we started our tour. She only said two sentences: “I am so fascinated that such creativity, such beauty, such detail, such artistry is put into these tiny containers for the simplest ingredients only just salt and pepper. Enjoy the museum.”

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  3. Oh fun! We took our daughter there years ago as her high school graduation gift! We had so much fun. I love that you will get to study some of the things ahead of time and make it meaningful for all of you. Have fun!

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      1. The Grand Ole Opry and we did do a tour of one of the music studios and a bus tour. I liked the bus tour as I learned some special things about some of the Nashville people that f focused on their humanness rather than just ‘stars’.

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  4. Oh, how wonderful! I haven’t been in years! I visited Andrew Jackson’s Hermitage (💕) Grand Ol’ Opry, the Ryman Auditorium, Parthenon, and we went to a theme park! Downtown is neat and in my later years went to the Bluebird Cafe! I remember my Dad driving us around and pointing out famous singers’ places (we grew up on old country 🎶). I really want to go back as I have many friends that share all the wonderful times they have now when they go! There’s a lot of beauty and history there. I love finding hidden gems so maybe you can find some for us! 💛

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      1. Well, my parents crammed a lot in that time! Lol …and I was fortunate to go back again as an adult. I really do want to go back. I’m 52 and haven’t been since I was in my late 20’s!

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